What does a resume look like

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How to make a good resume? 1. Give clear answers to employer questions In his requirements, Paul asked several important questions: And demanded, respectively, clear answers. But almost a third of applicants 16 out of 40 for some reason ignored the question about the schedule. Meanwhile, this point was very important for him. At first Pavel asked clarifying questions, then he got tired of how much time you could spend! So this part was eliminated immediately. 2. Do not ship with extra information! The first paragraph states that you need to answer all the questions asked by the employer. Not less, but not more! Some begin to write completely superfluous things: they talk about their family, children, past works. What for?

Your resume should contain only the information that the customer needs. Otherwise, your resume may simply not finish, as in this case turned out. The exception will be “not for business” answers that will help the employer to make a choice. For example, you professionally play sports or music and can write expert articles on this topic. If you can not better keep this information with you. 3. Send a portfolio For freelancers, portfolio is the most important thing. It is studying the work of the author, the customer decides on cooperation. After all, if a person does not send a portfolio, it means that he does not yet have experience and practice, or the works are terrible and careless. Pavel received two resumes without a portfolio and did not even consider them. 4. Make a portfolio that is convenient to watch.

If you knew how many applicants are poisoning their lives, sending a portfolio that is inconvenient to study! They attach a million individual documents to the message, forcing everyone to open it. They throw links to unknown sites where their articles were published, without any signatures and explanations. Sometimes links are not clickable this is generally fantastic. And if clickable, then long. Meanwhile, they can be easily shortened using the service goo.gl or similar. They send unreadable screenshots, from reading which you can earn myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism to boot. Particularly gifted throw off cuts from numbered screenshots, each of which must be downloaded and viewed in the correct order. But few think about the convenience of the employer. Here is an example of a good portfolio design: 5. Structure the text! Not in vain customers write to copywriters in the TK: divide the text into paragraphs, make subtitles and lists! It really facilitates the perception of the text and gives rest to the eyes. However, sometimes there are such sheets:

You say in social networks there are no special possibilities for formatting text. But at least separate paragraphs with a blank line, and start the items in the list with a dash or a smiley 6. “I am writing just about the complicated” No doubt, a valuable quality, but when this phrase is found in a third of the resumes sent, the eye is involuntarily washed up. Let the editor determine how you write he reads your work in the portfolio. Or at least prove your words with concrete examples: “I can write interesting about synchrophasotrons. When another copywriter worked, our letters in the mailing list were not even opened, and now they are being read to the end. We will keep silent about errors, clerks and other spelling mistakes. It is clear why, yes?