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It is better to make a summary in tabular form. Columns of the table should have the following data: Date of the device and date of dismissal, name of the company and its field of activity, position held, functional responsibilities, achievements. At the beginning indicates the last place of work. To make a resume correctly, it is not necessary to describe the entire work activity, if it is very long. It will be enough to cover the last 5-10 years. State the information clearly just the facts. No lengthy phrases “managed to instill the team spirit.” Also, one should not attribute to oneself non-existing achievements. One of the candidates for the position of an accountant in his resume wrote: “I implemented an electronic document management system with the tax inspectorate”. This is not his achievement, it is the obligation of the company, which is spelled out in the law.

Therefore, this accountant had no choice to implement this system or not. Another candidate for the same position indicated “reduced tax liabilities by so much that%.” Most likely, it was a question of double bookkeeping. When applicants for serious work write such nonsense, in most cases, it does not come to an interview. If you have done your job with high quality, but there are no bright achievements, or you cannot formulate them correctly, it is better to miss this point altogether. To correctly write a resume focus on the functionality and powers of the position that occupied. You can tell about achievements at a personal meeting, then you will have the opportunity to avoid ambiguous interpretation of these formulations. Usually use the following wording “initial level”, “medium level” “fluent”. Experience in software products. Indicate all the programs in which she worked. If you used corporate e-mail, please indicate which one. Knowledge of office equipment (scanner, copier, fax, etc.). As a rule, in this section, all indicate the same thing the same sociable, stress-resistant, neat, purposeful, etc. set of positive qualities.

Not all employers pay much attention to this item. Although in reality these qualities are very important for work. In my practice, during interviews with candidates I asked to give a practical example from the life where the candidate showed this or that quality indicated in his resume. Very many were lost with the answer. I advise when writing a resume, indicating one or another quality, to think whether it is really inherent in you and if you can give a personal example confirming this. It is better to write less, but with firm conviction that these qualities are inherent in your character.  The ability to articulate thoughts clearly and accurately will add extra points to labor success. If you send a resume on a specific job, the desired level of wages should not be specified.

 Usually in the published vacancies reported the size of the salary. Consequently, if this vacancy interested you, the salary accordingly. Sometimes the vacancy indicates the wage from to. In this case, the salary level should be clarified at the interview. To write a resume correctly, it is worthwhile to indicate the wage figures in a resume only in those cases when the resume is designed for a large circle of potential employers. If you publish it on the site or it is entered into the database of recruitment agencies. In this case, you should assess the minimum wage level to which you agree, and in the resume you must indicate that this is the minimum.

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No naked clothes, sexy poses, etc. Also, do not use home photos on the background of carpets, sofas, etc. Photos from parties where you are in your best outfit won’t do either. Most of the picture should be taken up by the face (you do not need a full-length photo), unless of course you are settling in a modeling agency. The background of the photo is plain. A slight smile is welcome. The uniform is business. 5. The goal is the position you are applying for. Perhaps in the process of analyzing the available vacancies, you have identified for yourself several options that will suit. 

For example, in company “A” there is a vacancy “the head of the marketing department”, and in company “B” the vacancy is the head of the sales group You think you can claim any of them. In this case, you need to prepare two different resumes, in each of them indicate the goal that corresponds to the vacancy of this company. Avoid lengthy phrases “I would like to do an interesting job” or “a job that meets my qualifications”. In a well-written resume, the goal should be clearly defined and understandable to the employer. 6. Education. In this section, you must specify the school, institution, faculty, specialty, qualifications awarded. In what period she studied and when the diploma was issued. 

If you graduated with honors or with a high average score be sure to point this out. If there are several higher educations and there are diplomas that do not pertain to the job being sought, it is better not to indicate this information. For example, you pretend to the position of ch. accountant. You have received two higher educations: historical and economic. You should not clutter up a resume with a diploma of historian. But an additional diploma in this case will not interfere. On the contrary, if a diploma of higher education is one, and also does not correspond to the specialty to which you are applying, you must indicate the information about this diploma. Higher education in our country is appreciated. Specify also information on advanced training, passing additional courses related to the desired profession, participation in conferences, internships, etc.

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How to make a good resume? 1. Give clear answers to employer questions In his requirements, Paul asked several important questions: And demanded, respectively, clear answers. But almost a third of applicants 16 out of 40 for some reason ignored the question about the schedule. Meanwhile, this point was very important for him. At first Pavel asked clarifying questions, then he got tired of how much time you could spend! So this part was eliminated immediately. 2. Do not ship with extra information! The first paragraph states that you need to answer all the questions asked by the employer. Not less, but not more! Some begin to write completely superfluous things: they talk about their family, children, past works. What for?

Your resume should contain only the information that the customer needs. Otherwise, your resume may simply not finish, as in this case turned out. The exception will be “not for business” answers that will help the employer to make a choice. For example, you professionally play sports or music and can write expert articles on this topic. If you can not better keep this information with you. 3. Send a portfolio For freelancers, portfolio is the most important thing. It is studying the work of the author, the customer decides on cooperation. After all, if a person does not send a portfolio, it means that he does not yet have experience and practice, or the works are terrible and careless. Pavel received two resumes without a portfolio and did not even consider them. 4. Make a portfolio that is convenient to watch.

If you knew how many applicants are poisoning their lives, sending a portfolio that is inconvenient to study! They attach a million individual documents to the message, forcing everyone to open it. They throw links to unknown sites where their articles were published, without any signatures and explanations. Sometimes links are not clickable this is generally fantastic. And if clickable, then long. Meanwhile, they can be easily shortened using the service or similar. They send unreadable screenshots, from reading which you can earn myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism to boot. Particularly gifted throw off cuts from numbered screenshots, each of which must be downloaded and viewed in the correct order. But few think about the convenience of the employer. Here is an example of a good portfolio design: 5. Structure the text! Not in vain customers write to copywriters in the TK: divide the text into paragraphs, make subtitles and lists! It really facilitates the perception of the text and gives rest to the eyes. However, sometimes there are such sheets:

You say in social networks there are no special possibilities for formatting text. But at least separate paragraphs with a blank line, and start the items in the list with a dash or a smiley 6. “I am writing just about the complicated” No doubt, a valuable quality, but when this phrase is found in a third of the resumes sent, the eye is involuntarily washed up. Let the editor determine how you write he reads your work in the portfolio. Or at least prove your words with concrete examples: “I can write interesting about synchrophasotrons. When another copywriter worked, our letters in the mailing list were not even opened, and now they are being read to the end. We will keep silent about errors, clerks and other spelling mistakes. It is clear why, yes?

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Is the situation familiar to you? You send all resumes, but you never get to the interview. They say that they will call back, or have already taken someone. If this is just about you, then you came here successfully. Now I will tell you how to make a resume, to get a good job, to reveal the secrets of HR managers who helped me out on more than once, I will give a ready-made template for filling and online services. Follow the annotations, and by the end you will have a convincing profile. What is a resume and its varieties A resume (from fr. Resume “summary”) is a short trait of you as an employee. It shows experience, abilities, personal properties, which decide how you approach the position. Your employment depends on the neatness, proper content and information. Each country has its own resume requirements. Curriculum Vitae (in translation from Latin “the course of life”) or abbreviated as CV is popular abroad. I watched the South American standards. Only the various names and formatting, but the inside is the same. So if you are a freelancer, and you don’t have enough wages in Ruinternet, learn British and go ahead for bucks.

Depending on the purpose of employment and position there are 5 types of resumes: Universal. At least 10 blocks and any filled in detail. I recommend those who have a great experience and prestigious education. Functional. It approaches students, former housewives and those who have been unemployed for a long time. The emphasis is on knowledge, opportunities, rewards. Chronological. Merit, work experience sorted by time sequence. Target. The task is to get a certain vacancy. Abilities and education are specified specifically within the position you desire. Brevity and profile the main advantages. Academic. They write teachers and doctors. About 60% of the document descriptions of awards, scientific papers and publications, knowledge. Combine a number of species. For example, a universal chronological summary looks even better. For those who do not like the drafting of documents and aiming at large companies like Google, I advise you to record a video summary. Here you can create. Why not a bad resume is necessary for everyone

Imagine yourself in the employer’s place. You are the owner of a small company. For your money the employee’s salary is willing to receive the greatest value. 35 resumes came to the mail. Everyone seems to be good guys, but you need to choose the 1st one. You begin to find fault with the questionnaires: some are very similar, the rest of the information is not enough. And here you find a nugget the format and business style of communication are respected. You are still unfamiliar with the person, but the document says about punctuality, accuracy and accuracy, although there is no talk about it there. You invite him to the company, and he successfully passes the interview. Conclusion. This job seeker is neither better nor worse than anyone else, he just focused on the pros and spent 40 minutes on the right stuff.

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After this information indicates the position that the person seeks to take. If there is a photograph, then it should be of a neutral nature (not at rest, at a party or at a bar), better portrait or full-length, clear. It is worth choosing a photo made not too long ago. The desired amount of payment can be specified if the application is sent to recruitment agencies, to job search sites. If this is a response to a specific vacancy, it is assumed that the applicant agrees to the size specified in it. Or you can discuss it directly at the interview.In the majority of cases, education, training courses, master classes and advanced training are indicated only in the area related to a specific position. Usually, the list of educational institutions is started from the last, or from the most important (first, institute, then master classes, various courses). You must specify the document that was issued at the end (diploma, certificate, certificate), faculty, received specialty or skill (program ownership, new knowledge). The period of study (month and year), the name of the institution (and the city in which it is located if it is not indicated in the title) or the specialist who conducted the master class or course are indicated.

Section name can also be specified. This is probably the most important part of the questionnaire. How to write a resume if there is no work experience? This is worth writing honestly, since inexperience will be immediately visible. The applicant may have had a good internship or internship at the university in the past. Then you can specify this information. If job searches are delayed, you can search for internship options after graduating from an educational institution. Some organizations provide this opportunity to young professionals for a small reward. Even a month internship can make a difference. When applying for a job in a new field of work, experience in the old specialty is not relevant. In this case, this equates to a lack of experience, but it can be indicated that in the past the applicant worked in another field (write in which). If there is experience, then with this in mind, you also need to correctly compile a resume. Indicate the place of work should be, starting with the last. Filled:

In order to correctly draw up a resume with work experience, you should indicate the last 3-5 places in about 10-15 years, not more. Organizations in which the applicant has worked for less than three months can be omitted if there are more representative options. Contact information, the reason for dismissal should not be indicated in the resume. If they are needed, they will be asked at the meeting. Recommendations, thanks can be taken with you for an interview. Further, studying how to write a resume, the applicant should familiarize himself with the section “skills”. It is worth paying attention primarily to those skills and competencies that should be distinguished by a specialist in the field in which he is going to work. This is a special professional knowledge. It also indicates the ownership of all necessary programs. If this is important for a particular job, you can note the presence of a driver’s license, level of proficiency in foreign languages ​​and other information. Another advice on how to write a resume in its main part is the concreteness of the information. Instead of vague wording, it is better to use dry data and figures (instead of “trained newly arrived staff”, you should write: “I prepared three specialists for the position (which?) Of three specialists”, etc.).