What is a resume cover later

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No naked clothes, sexy poses, etc. Also, do not use home photos on the background of carpets, sofas, etc. Photos from parties where you are in your best outfit won’t do either. Most of the picture should be taken up by the face (you do not need a full-length photo), unless of course you are settling in a modeling agency. The background of the photo is plain. A slight smile is welcome. The uniform is business. 5. The goal is the position you are applying for. Perhaps in the process of analyzing the available vacancies, you have identified for yourself several options that will suit. 

For example, in company “A” there is a vacancy “the head of the marketing department”, and in company “B” the vacancy is the head of the sales group You think you can claim any of them. In this case, you need to prepare two different resumes, in each of them indicate the goal that corresponds to the vacancy of this company. Avoid lengthy phrases “I would like to do an interesting job” or “a job that meets my qualifications”. In a well-written resume, the goal should be clearly defined and understandable to the employer. 6. Education. In this section, you must specify the school, institution, faculty, specialty, qualifications awarded. In what period she studied and when the diploma was issued. 

If you graduated with honors or with a high average score be sure to point this out. If there are several higher educations and there are diplomas that do not pertain to the job being sought, it is better not to indicate this information. For example, you pretend to the position of ch. accountant. You have received two higher educations: historical and economic. You should not clutter up a resume with a diploma of historian. But an additional diploma in this case will not interfere. On the contrary, if a diploma of higher education is one, and also does not correspond to the specialty to which you are applying, you must indicate the information about this diploma. Higher education in our country is appreciated. Specify also information on advanced training, passing additional courses related to the desired profession, participation in conferences, internships, etc.