How to write a resume cover letter

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It is better to make a summary in tabular form. Columns of the table should have the following data: Date of the device and date of dismissal, name of the company and its field of activity, position held, functional responsibilities, achievements. At the beginning indicates the last place of work. To make a resume correctly, it is not necessary to describe the entire work activity, if it is very long. It will be enough to cover the last 5-10 years. State the information clearly just the facts. No lengthy phrases “managed to instill the team spirit.” Also, one should not attribute to oneself non-existing achievements. One of the candidates for the position of an accountant in his resume wrote: “I implemented an electronic document management system with the tax inspectorate”. This is not his achievement, it is the obligation of the company, which is spelled out in the law.

Therefore, this accountant had no choice to implement this system or not. Another candidate for the same position indicated “reduced tax liabilities by so much that%.” Most likely, it was a question of double bookkeeping. When applicants for serious work write such nonsense, in most cases, it does not come to an interview. If you have done your job with high quality, but there are no bright achievements, or you cannot formulate them correctly, it is better to miss this point altogether. To correctly write a resume focus on the functionality and powers of the position that occupied. You can tell about achievements at a personal meeting, then you will have the opportunity to avoid ambiguous interpretation of these formulations. Usually use the following wording “initial level”, “medium level” “fluent”. Experience in software products. Indicate all the programs in which she worked. If you used corporate e-mail, please indicate which one. Knowledge of office equipment (scanner, copier, fax, etc.). As a rule, in this section, all indicate the same thing the same sociable, stress-resistant, neat, purposeful, etc. set of positive qualities.

Not all employers pay much attention to this item. Although in reality these qualities are very important for work. In my practice, during interviews with candidates I asked to give a practical example from the life where the candidate showed this or that quality indicated in his resume. Very many were lost with the answer. I advise when writing a resume, indicating one or another quality, to think whether it is really inherent in you and if you can give a personal example confirming this. It is better to write less, but with firm conviction that these qualities are inherent in your character.  The ability to articulate thoughts clearly and accurately will add extra points to labor success. If you send a resume on a specific job, the desired level of wages should not be specified.

 Usually in the published vacancies reported the size of the salary. Consequently, if this vacancy interested you, the salary accordingly. Sometimes the vacancy indicates the wage from to. In this case, the salary level should be clarified at the interview. To write a resume correctly, it is worthwhile to indicate the wage figures in a resume only in those cases when the resume is designed for a large circle of potential employers. If you publish it on the site or it is entered into the database of recruitment agencies. In this case, you should assess the minimum wage level to which you agree, and in the resume you must indicate that this is the minimum.