How to be a resume for a job

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Is the situation familiar to you? You send all resumes, but you never get to the interview. They say that they will call back, or have already taken someone. If this is just about you, then you came here successfully. Now I will tell you how to make a resume, to get a good job, to reveal the secrets of HR managers who helped me out on more than once, I will give a ready-made template for filling and online services. Follow the annotations, and by the end you will have a convincing profile. What is a resume and its varieties A resume (from fr. Resume “summary”) is a short trait of you as an employee. It shows experience, abilities, personal properties, which decide how you approach the position. Your employment depends on the neatness, proper content and information. Each country has its own resume requirements. Curriculum Vitae (in translation from Latin “the course of life”) or abbreviated as CV is popular abroad. I watched the South American standards. Only the various names and formatting, but the inside is the same. So if you are a freelancer, and you don’t have enough wages in Ruinternet, learn British and go ahead for bucks.

Depending on the purpose of employment and position there are 5 types of resumes: Universal. At least 10 blocks and any filled in detail. I recommend those who have a great experience and prestigious education. Functional. It approaches students, former housewives and those who have been unemployed for a long time. The emphasis is on knowledge, opportunities, rewards. Chronological. Merit, work experience sorted by time sequence. Target. The task is to get a certain vacancy. Abilities and education are specified specifically within the position you desire. Brevity and profile the main advantages. Academic. They write teachers and doctors. About 60% of the document descriptions of awards, scientific papers and publications, knowledge. Combine a number of species. For example, a universal chronological summary looks even better. For those who do not like the drafting of documents and aiming at large companies like Google, I advise you to record a video summary. Here you can create. Why not a bad resume is necessary for everyone

Imagine yourself in the employer’s place. You are the owner of a small company. For your money the employee’s salary is willing to receive the greatest value. 35 resumes came to the mail. Everyone seems to be good guys, but you need to choose the 1st one. You begin to find fault with the questionnaires: some are very similar, the rest of the information is not enough. And here you find a nugget the format and business style of communication are respected. You are still unfamiliar with the person, but the document says about punctuality, accuracy and accuracy, although there is no talk about it there. You invite him to the company, and he successfully passes the interview. Conclusion. This job seeker is neither better nor worse than anyone else, he just focused on the pros and spent 40 minutes on the right stuff.